Private Houses

Wed, 18.11.2020–Sun, 14.03.2021

MAK – Museum of Applied Arts

On the occasion of the 150th birthday of Adolf Loos (1870-1933)  the MAK is presenting an exhibition that has been developed in cooperation with the Albertina:  ADOLF LOOS: Private Houses. Throughout his life Loos applied himself to private and public housing. This exhibition focuses on private homes and presents design drawings, plans, photos, and models of his in most part luxuriously furnished single family houses, villas, and country houses. By way of contrast, the display will also include revolutionary social projects, such as buildings for the municipality of Vienna.

Program (2 Events)

Tue, 17.11.2020 7.00 pm
Exhibition Opening


Private Houses
Thu, 19.11.2020 4.30 pm
In context of the VIENNA ART WEEK 2020

Dialogue Tour ADOLF LOOS: Private Houses

Dialogue Tour ADOLF LOOS: Private Houses
Dialogue Tour with Guest Curator Markus Kristan and Rainald Franz, Curator of the exhibition and of the MAK Glass and Ceramics Collection

Free  admission with registration 

ADOLF LOOS: Private Houses
One of the most important Austrian architects of the 20th century, Adolf Loos concentrated on designing residential buildings all his life. The exhibition focuses on private homes, though by way of contrast it also presents Loos’s most important social housing projects. Family homes, villas, and country houses, for the most part luxuriously furnished and designed for a middle-class clientele, are juxtaposed with revolutionary social projects such as those Loos designed for the municipality of Vienna. The exhibition also presents design drawings, plans, photographs, and models from the Albertina’s Adolf Loos Archive.  



Adolf Loos, Josephine Baker’s house, Paris XVI, Avenue Bugeaud, France (project for converting and connecting two existing houses), 1927
Adolf Loos, Hugo and Lilly Steiner’s house, Vienna’s 13th district, St. Veitgasse 10, 1910
Model: Prof. Hans Puchhammer, TU Wien