The MAK School Program DO IT YOURSELF! offers you and your pupils various opportunities to visit the MAK with or without an art educator. We also provide regular introduction courses for teachers.



Leaflets (in German only)

Allroundkünstler wie Otto Wagner, Koloman Moser und der Architekt Adolf Loos, aber auch Themenschwerpunkte wie Bugholzmöbel und vieles mehr werden in diesem Format (A3, schwarzweiß zum Ausdrucken und selber Falten) komprimiert präsentiert und ständig erweitert. 

Empfohlenes Alter: Volksschule, Unterstufe, Oberstufe


MAK Lab App

The brand-new MAK LAB APP, a project in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, mediates crucial issues for shaping the future in this era of Digital Modernity and climate change. Attractively designed with a playful approach to the subject, it complements the parcours of the MAK DESIGN LAB, which was newly set up in 2019, and since the beginning of the year can be accessed on all smartphones at


An app specially developed for the MAK Permanent Collection Vienna 1900 provides the opportunity to get to grips with the topic in a multimedia and interactive way. It offers authentic insights by means of original photos and videos, audio pieces by MAK experts, snapshots by visitors, as well as comics. The MAK app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android (smartphones, tablets) devices.

Recommended age group: 15+ (Oberstufe)



The MAK CITY M/APP is an interactive riddle rally through downtown Vienna and through the MAK. The web app can be opened for free on any smartphone via and serves as an active entry point into Viennese art nouveau. On the basis of architectural highlights, the pupils get to know the most important buildings of Viennese Modernism while at the same time practicing how to find their bearings in the city.

Recommended age group: 15+ (Oberstufe)

Zukunft Gestalten

Die permanent zugängliche Neuaufstellung des MAK DESIGN LAB widmet sich unter anderem grundlegenden Fragen der Lebensgestaltung im Spannungsfeld von digitalen Innovationen und gesellschaftspolitischen Haltungen. Die drei unterschiedlichen Unterrichtsmaterialien dienen als Einstiegsmöglichkeit in brisante Themen des Museums zur Vor- und Nachbereitung. Nach dem Studium der Einführungstexte können Inhalte spielerisch umgesetzt werden.

Empfohlenes Alter: Oberstufe

Download Wirkungen, Nebenwirkungen und unerwünschte Nebenwirkungen
Download Das gute Leben nach dem Überfluss
Download Wie, wo und so lässt's sich arbeiten


The Flexible System

The “flexible system” provides you and your pupils with a specially designed data pool for your visit to the MAK. On individual index cards, select museum highlights from the Middle Ages to art nouveau are described in writing alongside photographs that explain details such as the inner workings of the exhibits.

Recommended age group: 10–14 (Unterstufe), 15+ (Oberstufe)

Downloads (in German):
Bentwood Furniture 
Empire Style/Biedermeier 
Glasswork and Lacework 
Art Nouveau/Art Déco/20th Century 
Bureau Cabinet (Classicism)