Guided Tours

The aim of our art education program is to arouse and foster interest: We try to adapt our program to suit the participants’ needs and wishes. Dialogue is key: questions are welcome and knowledge should be imparted in a fun way. Over a period of 60 or 90 minutes, the participants gain an intensive insight into the topic at hand. It is also possible to combine various subject areas. Each tour can also be combined with one of our workshops.


A tour through the museum provides an insight into every area of the collection. After a short introduction to the history of the building, we look around the MAK Permanent Collection, explain the presentation concept, and discuss individual exhibits. A journey through the centuries and an insight into the history of the museum make the tour a good basis for later exploring the museum alone.


The MAK Permanent Collection VIENNA 1900. Design / Arts and Crafts 1890–1938 presents the history of art nouveau in three rooms—its emergence, heyday, and progression. Focusing on Viennese Modernism and its protagonists, we carefully examine the Wiener Werkstätte and its rival, Adolf Loos. Together, we consider the question of why the Wiener Werkstätte no longer exists and in what direction arts and crafts developed in the period after World War I: a culture-historical journey through time with contemporary relevance.


Here we deal with the important topics of today. Climate protection, artificial intelligence, recycling, careers of the future, data protection, automation, utopias, and the dilemma of design. What is design and how does it influence our everyday life? What approaches to solutions can design offer for facing the challenges of designing life in the 21st century? Will robots take over our jobs, what should we learn in future, how can we protect our climate and live in harmony with our planet? Design is change!

No fear of the future! Contemplation and creative participation! Stay curious! The MAK DESIGN LAB, including interactive stations, invites discovery.
We offer three thematic access points for our tours:
  •     DIGITALIZATION—robots, artificial intelligence, and data protection
  •     CLIMATE CHANGE—recycling and sustainable living
  •     VISIONS—opportunities and dilemmas of design

The Newcomers

A newly bundled art education program combines cultural history and technologies with possibilities for design and action for the present and the future. Six tours span a broad thematic arch right through the history of the large MAK collection and new exhibitions. This special offering communicates content playfully and interactively.
MORE ON THE NEWCOMERS (in German only)

MAK Branch Geymüllerschlössel

Visit this stunning summer residence and its garden with your class in Vienna’s 18th district and immerse yourself in the Empire and Biedermeier period! Guided tours only. Advance booking required. Between May and November, Tue–Fri from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


We also offer education programs for the current temporary exhibitions. We would be happy to consider your wishes and compile an individually designed program for you.


MAK for the smallest explorers up to 8-years-old
  1. First steps in the museum
  2. Colors and shapes in the MAK
  3. In search of wild animals
  4. Materials in comparison


MAK Education & Outreach
Janina Falkner (Head), Alexander Medem
T +43 1 71136-298




We charge € 50 per hour for each art educator. Depending upon the age, program, and group size, we decide together with you how many art educators need to be booked.