Imaging Services and Photo Archive

The Rights and Reproductions Department is your contact for all image orders and reproduction permissions. You can choose from digital and analog images of all MAK Collection objects as well as exhibition views.

Thomas Matyk, Head of Photography, Reproductions, Photo Archive
T +43 1 711 36-294
F +43 1 711 36-222

Press photos on current MAK exhibitions can be found at MAK Press and PR



All materials made available or published by the MAK are protected by copyright and may only be used after permission by the Rights and Reproductions Department.
Personal use of photos of the MAK Collection is permissible.

Publication fees

Publication of MAK-owned photographic material is subject to a publication fee in an amount dependent upon type of use, circulation and image size.
Prices upon request.


POD – Print on Demand

We offer superlative-quality artistic prints of selected collection highlights: MAK Design Shop

Photography / Digitization

Photos of MAK Collection objects are produced at the MAK’s own photo studio. For external customers, we will be happy to produce digital copies for a fee.


MAK Licensing / MAK4Business

The exceptionally diverse collection of the MAK represents a source of inspiration for the creative industries. The MAK also cooperates with producers from a wide range of industries in order to develop licensed products from the museum’s own collection.
Alessi: Wiener Werkstätte tableware / Josef Hoffmann


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Print on Demand / MAK Design Shop

MAK Print on Demand offers artprints of highest quality using selected designs out of the unique MAK collections. Each artprint is specially made for you and delivered 'on Demand'.
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MAK Restoration

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Permanent Collection Romanesque Gothic Renaissance

Artistic intervention: Günther Förg
The MAK Romanesque Gothic Renaissance Collection on permanent display reflects the often long-term survival of stylistic characteristics in the decorative arts. A special highlight here is the most ancient set of medieval liturgical vestments to have been preserved in its entirety.
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departure/MAK d>lab.02

Design Thinking. A Method for Interdisciplinary Problem Solving

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation / Vienna University of Economics and Business (A)
Fri, 14.09.2012–Sat, 15.09.2012
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Published for the exhibition „R.M. Schindler. Architektur und Experiment / The Architecture of R.M. Schindler“ (22.11.2001–17.2.2002)
288 pages, 265 illustrations, 107 plates in full colored
23 x 28 cm, hardbound
MAK, Vienna / Hatje Cantz Verlag Publishers, Ostfildern-Ruit,-Ruit 2001


Published for the exhibition of the same title (26.9.2001–10.3.2002)
MAK Studies 1
148 pages, 85 illustrations
12,5 x 24 cm, paperback
MAK, Vienna 2002