Research at the MAK

Scientific research is a necessary prerequisite of curatorial practice and hence of the MAK’s diverse exhibition activities. Its findings and insights provide the basis for a profound and always up-to-date engagement of, and with, the MAK Collection.

The MAK is a center of competence in art, art theory, and architecture and a research station of social awareness. Scientific research is not only prerequisite for profound curatorial work, exhibitions, and publications, but is also fundamental to a museum’s institutional identity and the understanding of cultural and intercultural connections and currents.

Internationally, the MAK Collection stands for the unique crossing over of applied art, design, architecture, and contemporary art. Aside from preserving and researching its comprehensive collection, the museum’s scholarly focus currently is on successively publishing the collection on the Worldwide Web, bringing public attention to objects which would otherwise not be publicly accessible. This is done by a staff of proven experts who crucially contribute to the MAK’s international activities and reputation. The results of numerous, also externally funded research projects conducted at the museum lead to exhibitions and publications, putting the historical museum holdings in a contemporary perspective.