On the Aesthetics of a Trash Culture
Wed, 31.08.2005–Sun, 04.12.2005

With its graphic precision and rapid picture sequences, the Japanese comic form Manga has gained worldwide cult status. At first looked down upon as a subversive means of expression belonging to the lower class, today Manga is the epitome of everyday Japanese culture. The exhibition explores the phenomenon of Manga as a pictorial language within the tradition of Japanese communication and aesthetics. The focus here is not so much on content as on conventions of style and principles of graphic design.

Unlike Western comics, the storytelling structures of Manga are not linear. Instead, Manga employs intuitive pictorial narrative structures with cinematic scene sequences, changing perspectives and diagonal elements. From the single-panel comics and selected strips exhibited here, the observer gains insight into these concepts and compositional techniques. The exhibition also presents recent Manga magazines and booklets as well as the newest online publications.

Curator Johannes Wieninger, MAK Far Eastern and Islamic Art Collection


MAK Collection


Asia Collection

Curator: Johannes Wieninger
The MAK Asia Collection consists of around 25,000 objects from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam dating from between the Neolithic period and the present; these represent a wide range of artistic and artisan output from Asia and simultaneously provide insight into the centuries-long reciprocal relationship between Asia and Europe. Like other collections of its kind, the MAK Asia Collection is itself a work of Orientalism: all of the objects collected here were selected by Europeans and thus represent European tastes.
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The Holy Every Day
Published for the exhibition of the same title (26.11.2003–29.2.2004)
MAK Studies 4
128 pages, b/w and full colored illustrations
12,6 x 24 cm, paperback
MAK, Vienna 2003

Acquired for the MAK Contemporary Art Collection

from funds provided by 2009-13 gallery grants of the Federal Chancellery of Austria / Arts Division
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A System of Moments
Published for the exhibition of the same title (30.5.–7.10.2001)
320 pages, approx. 250 illustrations
22 x 30 cm, paperback
MAK, Vienna / Hatje Cantz Verlag Publishers, Ostfildern-Ruit,-Ruit 2001
Interactive Exhibition Project

Schwadron Brothers

New Places & Traces
Wed, 05.11.2014–Sun, 30.11.2014


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