Jewelry from Austria. The ”Eligius” Austrian Jewelry Design Award, 2010
Wed, 24.11.2010–Sun, 27.02.2011

Every three years the “Eligius“ Jewelry Award of the Federal State of Salzburg competition is held, open to entrants from all over Austria. Mainly young artists producing innovative works take part in the competition, with the selection offering an overview of today’s jewelry scene in Austria. This year for the first time, a presentation will take place in the MAK, in cooperation with the Traklhaus in Salzburg, where the objects, selected and given awards by an expert jury, will be on display before.

Curator Elisabeth Schmuttermeier, MAK Curator Metal and Wiener Werkstätte Archive

MAK Study Collection In the Study Collection, the MAK exhibits selected objects of its extensive collection on a permanent basis. The arrangement by materials corresponds to the specializations of the collection’s curators, while the selection is based mainly on major lines of development. Temporary exhibitions offer an opportunity to cast a spotlight on various aspects of the collection and to consider objects in the collection between the poles of applied and contemporary art.
Catalogue „3. Eligius-Schmuck-Preis des Landes Salzburg 2010“, edited by Galerie im Traklhaus Salzburg. German, with texts by Dietgard Grimmer and Susanne Hammer, 24 pages, Salzburg 2010, € 4,00 MAK Design Shop





Eligius Award 2013. Jewelry in Austria
Wed, 29.05.2013–Sun, 29.09.2013

MAK Metal Study Collection

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Cooperation University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Exhibition series APPLIED ARTS. NOW
The exhibition series APPLIED ARTS. NOW is intended to serve as a platform for contemporary forms of applied art and thus provide greater visibility for particularly interesting artistic stances originated by graduates of the University of Applied Arts who live and work on a freelance basis in Austria.
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Director's News

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Signs Taken in Wonder:

Searching for Contemporary Istanbul
Catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same title (23.1.–21.4.2013).
168 pages, numerous coloured illustrations,
MAK Vienna / Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2013

ENVISIONING BUILDINGS. Reflecting Architecture in Contemporary Art Photography

Wed, 07.12.2011–Sun, 22.04.2012
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