Scenes from the Life of Raimund AbrahamRaimund Abraham, Residential and commercial building Friedrichstraße, Berlin, 1987 © Wolfgang Woessner/MAK

Scenes from the Life of Raimund Abraham

Film, Jonas Mekas, 2013
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The Book of Record of the Palm Capsule

The Book of Record of the Palm Capsule

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Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, General Director, MAK
Artist Talk
Christian Kosmas Mayer, author, with Bärbel Vischer, Curator MAK Contemporary Art Collection
Among the millions of palm trees in Los Angeles, there is one whose extraordinary life history makes it unique. The Exposition Park Palm has been a silent witness of LA’s transformation from the pueblo of the city’s early years to the megalopolis of today. During these 170 years, it has been replanted three times, thus assuring its survival in this constantly evolving city—whose oldest palm tree it remains to this day. When in the year 2115 a time capsule—containing artistic and scientific artefacts inspired by the palm tree and its history—is excavated at its current location and opened, the tree itself will long have disappeared and been forgotten. This book is the official documentation of the Palm Capsule, buried by Christian Kosmas Mayer in 2015.

The Book of Record of the Palm Capsule; published by Christian Kosmas Mayer
With texts by Andrew Berardini and Geoff Tuck; graphics: Astrid Seme; 116 pages; language: English; Mark Pezinger Verlag; ISBN: 978-3-903353-00-8


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Scenes from the Life of Raimund AbrahamRaimund Abraham, Residential and commercial building Friedrichstraße, Berlin, 1987 © Wolfgang Woessner/MAK

Scenes from the Life of Raimund Abraham

Film, Jonas Mekas, 2013
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VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2020 at the MAKFestival Kampagne 2020 (Copyright © Bueronardin, Vienna Design Week)
Complete Program at the MAK


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MAK DESIGN NITEFestival Kampagne 2020 (Copyright © Bueronardin, Vienna Design Week)


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ZERO WASTE – CIRCULAR DESIGN - PanelPlasticpreneur by doing circular


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Please registerZERO WASTE – CIRCULAR DESIGN - Panel

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7 p.m.
What are the possibilities of using new technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to move waste management towards recyclable cycles? How can innovative projects be created from plastic waste through smart recycling and new design strategies? What is the future of waste avoidance and what are the tasks facing non-profit associations, large companies, and each and every one of us?
Chien-hua Huang, architect and designer
Raphaela Egger and Florian Mikl, Plasticpreneur 
Helene Pattermann, founder/CEO, Zero Waste Austria
Florian Amon and Raphael Volkmer, Precious Plastic Vienna, Association 
Moderator: Marlies Wirth, curator, Digital Culture and MAK Design Collection
The panel is partly held in English.

The architect and designer Chien-hua Huang concerns himself with recyclable waste management for his exhibition in the MAK. Under the title Reform Standard, he represents a search process controlled by machine learning on the basis of drawings, physical models, and videos that, with the help of reinforcement learning and computer-produced image processing, aims at promoting a design cycle informed by materials and at transforming waste into potential resources.

The Austrian start-up Plasticpreneur (Raphaela Egger, Sören Lex, Boris Rauter) develops and provides easily accessible, small plastic recycling machines and in this way conveys social enterprise capabilities that make it possible to convert plastic waste into new, innovative products. Their projects should contribute to the development of consciousness and inspire the founding of new social enterprises around the world.

Precious Plastic Vienna is an association for plastic recycling with a workshop in the WUK Vienna. A group of committed people from the fields of science, design, and environmental engineering have concerned themselves with plastic recycling in their free time since 2018. The association is committed to the principle of open source or open design and DIT (do it together) and is active on behalf of research and education on the theme of avoiding the use of and recycling plastic.

The team from Zero Waste Austria consists of experts from various fields relating to sustainability, waste avoidance, community work, and education. Reducing, reusing, and recycling into new products is a principle of the Zero Waste movement, which, among other things, promotes packaging-free supermarkets, but also offers seminars for companies wishing to integrate a sustainable lifestyle into their work routine.
8 p.m.
Plasticpreneur by doing circular
900 000 tons of plastic waste are generated each year in Austria, more than half of it in private households. 71 percent of this waste is incinerated. Trash becomes valuable with the machines of the Austrian start-up. A “Plasticpreneur” is an entrepreneur who produces new things from old plastic—a recyclable design that contributes to avoiding waste and protecting the environment.  
#BYOP: Bring Your Own Plastic! 
Become a “Plasticpreneur” yourself—collect and clean your plastic and have it processed  into new objects at MAK DESIGN NITE! 

Please bring your own:
- ONLY plastic bottle caps or stoppers
- cleaned at home BEFOREHAND (washed & dried)
ORF-Museumszeit ORF-Museumszeit © ORF


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Hidden Ceramic Art: The Werkstätten KARAU and Rudolf Felt © Kristine Subal and Franz M. Bogner
Book Presentation

Hidden Ceramic Art: The Werkstätten KARAU and Rudolf Felt

iCalTue, 13.10.2020 7.00 pm
Please registerHidden Ceramic Art: The Werkstätten KARAU and Rudolf Felt
Franz M. Bogner, author
Peter Hieke, publisher and author
Kristine Subal, publisher and author
Rainald Franz, Curator MAK Glass and Ceramics Collections
The 1910s and 1920s were boom years for the applied arts of the Danube region. In addition to the Wiener Werkstätte, a myriad of superb manufactures was established that manufactured form-conscious, high quality art objects in the style of the times and in the most varied materials. One of these companies was the Werkstätten KARAU in Vienna/Roth-Neusiedl. Especially the ceramics of this company were masterful in design and execution. These products are known on the art market but are clearly underestimated. The KARAU rarities have only been published by way of example to date. With this work now appearing, entitled Werkstätten Karau-Wien – Kostbarkeiten der wilden 20er (Werkstätten KARAU-Vienna—treasures of the wild 20s), we now have a documentation of this exciting manufacture, its brief history, and its artists.
Rudolf Felt, born in Vienna as Rudolf Feldbaum, was an artist who has remained completely unknown to date. His ceramics in particular turned up now and again in the trade, but the signatures could not be assigned. His artistic oeuvre is reconstructed and many of his designs and creations are presented in the book discussed here, entitled Die Entdeckung von Rudolf Felt (The discovery of Rudolf Felt). In workshops in Vienna and then in Kitzbühel, Rudolf Felt created high quality, often grotesque objects. He was also active on behalf of the Goldscheider company as a designer and counted Vally Wieselthier, Gudrun Baudisch, or Walter Bosse among his colleagues. Josef Hoffmann or Michael Powolny were among his teachers at the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule (Vienna School of Arts and Crafts). This discovery closes a gap in the history of the applied arts of Viennese Modernism.
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Martina Menegon. when you are close to me I shiver Graphic Design: Theresa Hattinger
Opening of the exhibition

Martina Menegon. when you are close to me I shiver

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MAK DAY 2020MAK Columned Main Hall © MAK/Mika K. Wisskirchen

MAK DAY 2020

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100 BEST POSTERS 19© Studio VIE/100 Beste Plakate e. V.
Opening of the exhibition


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VIENNA ART WEEK 2020 at the MAKLogo Vienna Art Week 2020
Openings of the exhibitions


Antonia Rippel-Stefanska & ADOLF LOOS: Private Houses
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WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE WIENER WERKSTÄTTERose Krenn, WW fabric pattern Backfisch [Teenage Girl], 1910/11 © MAK/Kristina Wissik
Exhibition Opening


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