(young) (yes) (why) (your) (youth) (yippie) 


(y)MAK is a group of young adults (16 to 26-year-olds) who are interested in museums, design, art, architecture, and innovation, as well as in our future, and who want to make changes.

(y)MAK offers you a look behind the scenes, organizes events, and interviews experts-always on the lookout for new ideas and perspectives. In the process, we hope to arouse curiosity, serve as a source of inspiration, and inspire active involvement in the MAK. With (y)MAK, you can help shape your experiences and actively contribute to the future of the museum.

Follow (y)MAK at Instagram @ymak_vienna and/or register for the (y)MAK newsletter and become part of the young MAK community with the following advantages:
  • Tickets at a reduced price
  • Special insights behind the scenes
  • Special events and parties
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  • Get involved and help shape your museum!