Restaurant at the MAK currently closed!

The restaurant at the MAK is currently closed due to renovations and is scheduled to be reopened under the name Salon Plafond by the German star chef Tim Mälzer and the Viennese restauranteurs Peter and Barbara Eichberger at the end of this year.


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With ÖSTERREICHER IM MAK, a restaurant concept which is completely new for Austria has been launched in the MAK and local Austrian tradition has been turned into a present-day event. A modern restaurant with a new idea of what a bar is offers Viennese cuisine on the highest level at moderate prices.
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Eva Schlegel. In Between

Published for the exhibition of the same title (8.12.2010-1.5.2011)
200 pages, ca. 100 illustrations
24 x 32 cm, paperback with PVC-cover
MAK Vienna/Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2010

Works on Paper Room

Curator: Kathrin Pokorny-Nagel
The Works on Paper Room is devoted exclusively to graphic art. This space features a multifunctional system of tracks holding mobile frames that can be converted to display cases as needed. Thematically, the material presented here encompasses commercial graphic art in the broadest sense. The diversity of the exhibition programming, which covers a range of topics including posters, hand drawings, Japanese woodcuts, individual artists’ stances, artists’ books and architectural projects, testifies to the underlying collection’s multilayered character.
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yurt tutmusch dot
Published for the exhibition of the same title im MAK (20.10.2004-20.2.2005german/English
64 Pages, numerous illustrations
28 x 20,8 cm, Softcover
MAK Vienna 2004