MAK Center for Art and Architecture

The Californian branch of the MAK in Los Angeles
The MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, founded in 1994, is a contemporary, experimental, multi-disciplinary center for art and architecture and is based today in three of the most important houses by the Austrian-American architect Rudolph M. Schindler. The core of the programming includes the internationally sought-after MAK Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program, an annual residency program for emerging international artists and architects.

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MAK Center Archive

On-line Archive for the MAK Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program


Garage Exchange Vienna – Los Angeles

Hans Schabus & The Center for Land Use Interpretation

Double Crossings
Fri, 16.11.2012–Sat, 02.03.2013


Sonia Leimer & Stephanie Taylor with Barbara Hammer

Bend a Bow
Tue, 05.06.2012–Sat, 22.09.2012