MAK RSShttp://relaunch.mak.atMAK NEWS RSSSat, 06 Feb 2016 03:54:20 CETMAK FORUM on the exhibition <br><i>STAR WARS<sup>TM</sup> Identities</i><h5></h5><p>Fri, 18.12.2015 - Sat, 16.04.2016<br>MAK FORUM</p><i>STAR WARS</i>: Invent Your Own Space Opera!<h5>MAK DESIGN KIDS</h5><p>Sat, 06.02.2016, 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM<br>MAK FORUM</p>MAK ON TOUR Special<h5>Josef Frank</h5><p>Sat, 13.02.2016, 2.00 PM<br>MAK Exhibition Hall</p> <i>Star Wars</i>: Major Movies with Modest Means<h5>MAK DESIGN KIDS</h5><p>Sat, 20.02.2016, 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM<br>MAK FORUM</p>Josef Frank Stadtbaukunst von unten. [Josef Frank: urban architecture from below.]<h5>Lecture Otto Kapfinger</h5><p>Sun, 28.02.2016, 4.00 PM<br>MAK Exhibition Hall</p>Games and Pop Culture: Interactions with phenomena of pop culture in the history of digital games, using the example of <i>Star Wars</i><h5>A talk by Jogi Neufeld, SUBOTRON</h5><p>Sun, 06.03.2016, 4.00 PM<br>MAK FORUM</p>The private Josef Hoffmann: Apartment Tours<h5></h5><p>Tue, 02.06.2015 - Sun, 05.06.2016<br></p>STEFAN SAGMEISTER:<h5>The Happy Show</h5><p>Wed, 28.10.2015 - Mon, 28.03.2016<br></p>100 Best Posters 14<h5>Germany Austria Switzerland</h5><p>Wed, 11.11.2015 - Mon, 28.03.2016<br>MAK Works on Paper Room</p>