The free MAK app offers a variety of dynamic and surprising ways to learn more about the Permanent Collections
Vienna 1900, Asia, and Carpets! Use the MAK App at home or at the museum to gain an overview or an in-depth look at the MAK collections.

Personal audio commentaries from the curators and restorers at the MAK introduce works of design and applied art. Videos offer insight, and numerous original photos provide context, whether you’re visiting the MAK or browsing at home. Visitors are invited to leave snapshots on the “Pinboard.” The most-photographed objects will be regularly featured in comics that are only available through the app!
Download the app on your tablet for free (iOS and Android) before your visit to the museum, or borrow a tablet during your visit and use the app as a multimedia guide to the MAK Permanent Collections VIENNA 1900: Design / Arts and Crafts 1890–1938 , ASIA. China – Japan – Korea, and CARPETS.

Useful Notes on Using the MAK App
You can download the app over Wi-Fi at the museum. We recommend bringing your own headphones, but headphones are available for free rental at the museum. You also have the option of borrowing a tablet from the museum during your visit for a fee of €2. An internet connection is required in order to use the full contents of the app.

Explore unfamiliar territory in the Vienna 1900, Asia, and Carpets collections, and you’re sure to come across interesting surprises. Dig deeper into a topic, or move from one object to the next.
Several tours in various lengths offer detailed information on select objects from the collection, which are discussed in personal commentaries by the curators of the MAK.
MAK Permanent Collection
Curators and restorers from the MAK comment on objects in audio and video clips, provide cultural-historical context, and talk about their work at the museum. Original photos show the locations where the works were once exhibited.
Take photos of objects that catch your eye and upload them to the “Pinboard” to inspire other visitors, or share photos with your friends and family!
Vienna 1900 meets Comic
You might even find the object you’ve photographed in a comic: visitors can decide which objects will be featured. These comics come from various illustrators, are created regularly for the app, and are exclusively available here! It’s worth coming back: Four times a year, a new comic will be published on the MAK app.