The Fitzpatrick-Leland House

After a major renovation, the  Fitzpatrick-Leland House was generously donated to the MAK Center in 2007. The home’s light-filled spaces and expansive grounds provide an ideal setting for a residency program. It first served as a base for the MAK Center’s Urban Future Initiative (UFI), a two-year exchange for cultural thinkers from diverse nations to cultivate visionary conceptions of urban space (this fellowship program was funded by the US Department of State with $ 410,000). Since then, the Center has dedicated the house to small-scale events and the lodging of international cultural researchers visiting Los Angeles for artistic and scholarly pursuits.

The premises

The Fitzpatrick-Leland House commands a strong presence along the slope of Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive, as the 3-story terraced scheme captures the eye with its interplay of protruding canopies beneath. Schindler’s subtle composition of interlocking volumes dominates the experience of interior spaces.

The dramatic L-shaped home was originally commissioned by developer Clifton Fitzpatrick as a spec-house, i.e. a real estate promotion to attract buyers to the area. Following numerous changes of proprietors and various modifications Schindler’s architecture would scarcely be recognizable today, had it not been acquired by Russ Leland in 1990 who—in 10 years—restored the building and recovered much of its original design. Through his efforts, Leland successfully recaptured the spirit of Schindler’s vision. In 2007, he donated the building and property to the MAK Center, insuring its legacy as a historically significant work of architecture.

Adress & Contact

Fitzpatrick-Leland House
Laurel Canyon Boulevard/Mulholland Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90046

T +1 323 651 1510


Free admission by appointment only