design new strategies

A Cooperation of MAK & Vienna Business Agency, creativ center departure

In the newly developed formats departure/ MAK d>link, d>lab, and d>nite, renowned international design experts will enter into an exchange with representatives of Vienna’s creative industry to interrogate, challenge, and shape relations between design, industry, and society. Different events will provide an opportunity of looking out together for new
possibilities, interfaces, cooperations, and, eventually, fields of activity.
Strategies for the Future
The potential of design as a strategy of economic innovation and social change will be in the focus of the successful cooperation between the MAK and departure, the creative center of the Vienna Business Agency. In a joint initiative, the MAK with its historic mandate as a site of encounter between “Art and Industry” and departure with the objective to integrate cultural and creative achievements into the city’s economy, activate an exchange of creativity and the economy in order to respond to the complex social, economic, and ecological challenges of our time.

In doing so, the “design> new strategies” program series provides a platform to usher in new types of cooperations as the search for sustainable economic models calls for approaches that transcend boundaries between disciplines and traditional ideas of incompatibilities. Future-oriented models involve strategic partnerships in the areas of creation, research, and production. Design is seen as a strategy in itself, which as an intercreative practice helps conceptualize, communicate, and realize new cultures of products and services.

The research laboratory for new fields of work in the creative industries—the StadtFabrik [City factory]—is a cooperation project between the Vienna Business Agency, Creative Center departure, and the MAK, curated by IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna. The objective of the StadtFabrik is to discover and visualize future urban potentialities. The topics of 2017 were NEW CREATIVE WORK, NEW SOCIAL WORK, and NEW SUSTAINABLE WORK will be undergoing thorough study. 
The MAK and the Vienna Business Agency are continuing their cooperation with CityFactory 2018. Within the framework of the CityFactory—in cooperation with the IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna—the Design Future Map Vienna will identify the potential for alternative forms of work, production, and consumption for a sustainable, future-oriented lifestyle in Vienna.

Project Management (Content):
IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna: Harald Gruendl, Viktoria Heinrich
MAK: Marlies Wirth, Curator, Digital Culture and MAK Design Collection,
Janina Falkner, New Concepts for Learning, Assistance: Ivana Andrejic-Djukic, MAK Design Collection
Vienna Business Agency: Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör (Head of creative center departure), Birgit Huber (Project Manager)