Due to a settlement from 1934, Nathan Eidinger had to pay the heirs of Ottokar Czernin half-yearly installments of 17,000 Austrian Schillings until 1939. After Austria’s “Anschluss” in March 1938, Nathan and Bertha Eidinger and their children were persecuted as Jews by the Nazi regime and fled to Switzerland. Therefore, Nathan Eidinger didn’t pay the last installments to the heirs of Ottokar Czernin. The heirs consequently claimed Nathan Eidinger’s confiscated art collection. In 1940, the seizure of the Eidinger collection was approved. The MAK acquired 44 objects from the Eidinger collection from Theobald and Peter Czernin in 1942. In 1953, a restitution settlement was issued, 32 objects were restituted, twelve remained at the MAK. 

So far, the restitution has not yet been effected.