MAK Design Kids: Softis. Textile Workshop

With the artist Noushin Redjaian

In this workshop we will create textile sculptures. We will glue, sew and embroider. We learn creatively how to find shapes and form figures with different textile fabrics and soft filling material.
Sat, 4.2.2023 2 pm4 pm
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Registration closed
In context of the exhibition BIRKE GORM. dead stock
The format MAK Design Kids 
Workshop for 8- to 12-year-olds (unaccompanied)
In two-hour workshops, the MAK Design Kids turn their attention to furniture, fashion, patterns, and more while always keeping an eye on digital developments. The children will get to know design processes, develop their own ideas, try new techniques, or learn how to work with special materials.
Participation Fee: € 8 (with free admission) 
Meeting point: MAK Columned Main Hall 
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