MAK on Tour—Feminist Nightscapes with Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, and Claudia Lomoschitz

In a feminist town, FLINTA* groups roam through the night. They explore places, sing, perform scores, stroll, hang around on corners, support each other. The feminist town guarantees freedom of movement for all bodies and genders. How can this be tested in a real town? Where in your town do you rarely go? Where did you always want to hang out? Where wouldn’t you go on your own? Where do you feel comfortable, and where would you like to hang around on corners with others? Where can you sing out loud? 
Sat, 22.4.2023 8.30 pm10.30 pm
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Registration closed
“Feminist Nightscapes” takes place in appreciative memory of, and in solidarity with, all those who since 1975 have been campaigning to “Take Back the Night.”
Since 2020, Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, and Claudia Lomoschitz have been strolling through the night with their program of Feminist Nightscapes. 
The walk takes place within the framework of the exhibition THE FEST. All nighthawks are welcome.

The abbreviation FLINTA stands for the German words for women, lesbians, intersex, nonbinary, trans, and agender people. The appended asterisk serves as a placeholder to include all non-binary gender identities.
Duration: ca. 120 Min.
Meeting point: in front of the main entrance to the MAK, Stubenring 5 (outside MAK opening hours)
Price: € 15 (reduced admission to the MAK for the following day)
Please bring the fee for guide tour in cash. 


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