An intervention by IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna.

Interventions by the IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna in the MAK DESIGN LAB highlight suggestions and thoughts on the topic “Positive Change.” This term is understood to mean our joint transition into a socially and ecologically sustainable society.

Positive change means designing new scenarios that show how we can best shape our future. The interventions supplement both art and design historical contemplations arising from the exhibition and serve to put them in a broader context.

Important arenas for positive change include: production, the circular economy, nutrition and plant diversity, globalization, the impacts of climate change, lifestyle, gender democracy, and the democratization of knowledge. These areas are considered within the context of an open-ended understanding of design, which goes beyond designers’ immediate sphere of activity. Put differently: everyone is a designer!

Concept and realization: Harald Gründl, Ulrike Haele