KUNSTRASEN [Artificial Turf]

On 3 October 2023, the MAK will present a festive performance program for one evening in its museum garden, which has been open to the public since May as KUNSTRASEN [ART(IFICIAL) TURF]. The event will take place in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Free admission to the performance program.
Tue, 3.10.2023 6 pm9 pm
MAK Garden
On this evening, we are looking forward to welcoming the new rector of die Angewandte, Petra Schaper Rinkel, at the MAK on the day after her inauguration. Several cooperations with die Angewandte will be presented, thus emphasizing the connection between the two neighboring institutions: The performance program is organized by the MAK in cooperation with die Angewandte, Transmedia Art Department (Univ. Prof. Jakob Lena Knebl), the theme of the KUNSTRASEN was developed together with the Class for Ideas (program Graphics and Advertising), and on this evening the new announcement alerting visitors before the museum closes in the evening, which was developed by the Institute of Language Arts, will also be presented for the first time.

Charlotte Gash and Salvatore Viviano will host the evening with their interactive performance C(B)AR—a hybrid concept between a car repair shop and a bar. The hyperpop band BLUEBUNNY & twinflamegirl will teleport visitors with their dreamy digital sounds into pastel soundscapes. Aleksandar Gabrovski will address the topics of magic and nature in his performance, which lies between lecture, poetry, and comedy. In his hybrid DJ live set, Ganaël will fuse artificial and analog elements, challenging our subjective perception with his equally beautiful and disturbing sounds. The evening will be concluded by a collective DJ set of Baemoji (Brooklyn J. Pakathi), Spotify (Kirils Ecis), Justus Kaya (Julius Biswurm), menty bb (Maximilian Prag), and u53L355.b.5t!xxx (Michel Lueger).

Program KUNSTRASEN, 3.10.2023

6–9 pm
MAK Garden (in case of bad weather, the event will take place in the Columned Main Hall)
6–9 pm               
Performance Charlotte Gash and Salvatore Viviano, C(B)AR

6–6.15 pm         
BLUEBUNNY & twinflamegirl (live), Transmedia Art Department

6.45 pm              
Performance Aleksandar Gabrovski, Invisible machines vol. 2, Transmedia Art Department

7 pm                    
Official welcome by Lilli Hollein, General Director of the MAK, and Petra Schaper Rinkel, Rector of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

7.15 pm              
Ganaël (live), Transmedia Art Department

7.30–9 pm         
Baemoji (Brooklyn J. Pakathi), Spotify (Kirils Ecis), menty bb (Maximilian Prag), u53L355.b.5t!xxx (Michel Lueger) (DJ set), Transmedia Art Department

On 3 October 2023, the MAK, in cooperation with the Institute of Language Arts of die Angewandte, will also present its new announcement for the first time. It will inform visitors about the upcoming closure of the museum in the evening. The selected interdisciplinary project Das Außen äußert sich beiläufig – Did you recognize it as a whole? [The Outside Expresses Itself Casually—Did you Recognize it as a Whole?] by Fred Heinemann, Valerie Prinz, and Leonie Ziem (Sound design: Noah Rachdi) will invite visitors at the end of the museum’s opening hours to link their experiences in the museum to the reality of the outside in the sense of a collective collection space and to come back soon. More information about the project here.
The KUNSTRASEN also invites you to experience the artistic works in the MAK Garden: Walter Pichler’s 1990 artistic intervention Tor zum Garten [Gate to the Garden] is a key work of the MAK and connects the museum with the outside space. The movable wing of the sculptural construction is extended during openings in the lower exhibition hall, thus signaling an inviting gesture to the audience.

The MAK Terrace Plateau, planned by former MAK Director Peter Noever and built between 1991 and 1993, stands as an independent architecture for visionary projects and also for the connection of the MAK to the urban space and to die Angewandte. Unfortunately, it is not permitted to access the MAK Terrace Plateau.

In darkness, the language sculpture by Lawrence Weiner Smashed to Pieces (In The Still Of The Night) / Zerschmettert in Stücke (Im Frieden der Nacht) is visible. It is permanently projected onto the fire wall of the Schwanzer wing of die Angewandte.

The campaign and the subject for the KUNSTRASEN were developed as part of a cooperation with die Angewandte in a semester project at Univ. Prof. Matthias Spaetgens’ Class for Ideas (program Graphics and Advertising) under the direction of Andreas Putz and Sven Ingmar Thies. The KUNSTRASEN project, which became the subject of the garden opening, is an idea by Nora Delugan and Vitus Vogl-Fernheim, two students who are also responsible for the social media presentation and the design of the signs and pictograms.