Fashion Lounge N° 3: Vintage Market in the Garden

Fashion Lounge in the Schlössel Garden on selected weekends at MAK Geymüllerschlössel in the context of the exhibition (CON)TEMPORARY FASHION SHOWCASE: Florentina Leitner

Sun, 16.6.2024 10 am6 pm
MAK Geymüllerschlössel
We invite you to the Vintage Market featuring selected favorites from Judith Bradl and vintage pieces from the MAK Design Shop in the garden of Geymüllerschlössel. Fashion expert and vintage collector Judith Bradl will provide personal insights into her collection, offer styling advice, and present exclusive pieces for sale on this day. The MAK Design Shop, known for its vintage line, offers a diverse selection of curated styles. Guided tours of the current exhibition featuring Florentina Leitner with the fashion designer, as well as an upcycling workshop where brooches can be made together with Florentina Leitner, complete the fashion experience. Refresh yourself with ice cream, coffee, and drinks while enjoying good music on the green lawn.

11 am – 5 pm
Vintage Closet Sale featuring exquisite pieces by Judith Bradl*

Fashion expert Judith Bradl offers exclusive pieces from her vintage clothing collection for sale in the beautiful garden of the Geymüllerschlössel. Judith Bradl, a trained art historian, lives and works as a content creator, digital storyteller, and fashion columnist in Italy. At the Vintage Sale, you not only have the opportunity to discuss her vintage fashion collection and her passionate research throughout Europe but also to acquire pieces from her collection.


Please note: Only cash payment possible.

11 am – 5 pm
Vintage Pieces by the MAK Design Shop*

2.30 pm
Tour of Geymüllerschlössel and the exhibition (CON)TEMPORARY FASHION SHOWCASE: Florentina Leitner

2 pm–4.30 pm
Open Art!Flowers—Upcycling Workshop

with Florentina Leitner
More Info and Registration here

5 pm
Dialogue Tour through the exhibition (CON)TEMPORARY FASHION SHOWCASE: Florentina Leitner
with Florentina Leitner and Lara Steinhäußer
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10 am–6 pm
Music—Retro, Swing + Co

Curated Music by MAK Volunteers
10 am–6 pm
Coffee, Drinks + Snacks

*In case of bad weather, these program items will take place in the MAK.