Short and Sweet: ICONIC AUBÖCK (in German)

The iconic design classics that are still handcrafted today by the Auböck Workshop, now in its fourth generation in Vienna, were ahead of their time from the very beginning and have shaped Austrian design across generations.
Tue, 2.7.2024 6 pm6.30 pm
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
The exhibition ICONIC AUBÖCK ocuses on the style-defining era of the interwar and post-war period through to the experimental 1980s and explores the works of the Auböck workshop through the lens of Surrealism. In many sculptural Auböck objects, for which surprising motifs and subjects were chosen, the strategies of this artistic and literary movement, which propagated a novel view of things, are recognizable. Inspired by the Bauhaus, Carl Auböck (1900–1957) brought local and international movements together and shaped the characteristic Auböck design, from collections of objects for modern living, the infamous tree trunk table and various table and floorlamps etc.  
The work of sculptor and textile artist Mara Uckunowa (1895–1987), who met Auböck at the Bauhaus in Weimar, will be presented for the first time. Their son Carl Auböck (1924–1993) focused in his own work on the transformative potential of industrial design and, inspired by his studies in the USA and collaborations with international designers, brought the workshop worldwide recognition.
The architect Carl Auböck (born 1954) subsequently worked with his father and designed objects and collections for collaborations with Hermès and Tiffany.
This is the first exhibition that the MAK has dedicated to the work of several generations of the Auböck Workshop.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.

Language: The tour is held in German.
Duration: 30 min.
Tour fee: € 3 + admission to the museum
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