Vienna Design Week 2023: MAK Design Special

featuring Glitz and Glamour

Free admission using the password “Vienna Design Week”
Free guided tours
The close ties between the MAK and J. & L. Lobmeyr directly reflect the museum’s founding idea: to be a role model as an institution promoting partnership between art and industry.
Sun, 24.9.2023 2 pm5.45 pm
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
This lively collaboration has been a cornerstone of the glassmaker dynasty’s innovative strength. By cooperating with renowned designers, Lobmeyr has repeatedly succeeded in interpreting glass in contemporary terms. This special event accompanying the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK acknowledges and celebrates this fact and at the same time constitutes a festive conclusion to the exhibition GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: 200 Years of Lobmeyr. Accompanying the exhibition GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: 200 Years of Lobmeyr and the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2023
2–4 pm
The MAK Glass Production Theater: a performative workshop for the whole family
After a visit to the exhibition GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: 200 Years of Lobmeyr, you will yourselves be transformed into a performative glass factory. Some of you will be glass artists and others will be spun, melted, dried, and packed by their young MAK workshop colleagues. What a spectacle that will be!
Registration required
Participation fee € 6
2–3.30 pm
Dialogue Tour GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: 200 Years of Lobmeyr
with Leonid Rath, Lobmeyr CEO, and Designstudio POLKA
Take a privileged look at the history of the world famous glass manufacturing dynasty. For six generations, the Lobmeyr family has mastered the art of combining tradition and innovation and—employing designs by creative artists—has made its mark on glass design far beyond the borders of Austria. These artists include Designstudio POLKA.
Limited number of participants.
Guided tour free of charge. Registration required.
2.30 pm
FOMO guided tour of the exhibition
GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: 200 Years of Lobmeyr
Take advantage of this last chance to go on a guided tour through the anniversary exhibition and delve into the corporate history of the Lobmeyr glassmaking dynasty. Savor the firm’s wide range of objects and discover some surprising cross-links as forms and decorative motifs reappear over the decades—while the past inspires the present and the present the future.
Limited number of participants.
Guided tour free of charge. Registration required.
3–6 pm
Coffee and Drinks
3.30–5 pm
Conversation Piece: 7 Goblets for Humanity
with artist Nives Widauer
On the occasion of the firm’s 200th anniversary, artist Nives Widauer was commissioned by J. & L. Lobmeyr to reinterpret the covered goblet. The seven goblets she created each symbolize a positive human trait: courage, respect, responsibility, empathy, curiosity, awareness, and resilience. Their fine engraving and subtle ornamentation portray our inner selves: thyroid glands, blood vessels, heart, and reproductive organs. We will talk with the artist about her relationship with glass art and her understanding of what it is to be human.
Participation fee: € 10
Registration required
Buy your ticket in advance here
Venue: in the exhibition GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: 200 Years of Lobmeyr

3.30–5 pm
MAK-it! Workshop for grown-ups
Glitz, Glamour & … Engraving!
The glass workshop with Designstudio POLKA
On the occasion of the exhibition, we are for the first time offering a glass workshop conceived and designed by designer duo POLKA. You trace the process of designing a drinking glass from a two-dimensional design, to developing a prototype, to the production and finishing processes. Afterwards you can try your hand yourself: you can engrave one of the famous Alpha glasses with your personal initials and take it home with you.
Participation fee: € 24
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5–5.45 pm
Glass Finale: a glass harp concert by Susanne Würmel
As have many glass harp players in the generations before her, Susanne Würmel travels around Europe with her glass harp and for our pleasure makes the MAK Columned Main Hall ring out in crystal clear tones.