Performance / Installation

Und keine Hand. Zeit, Mörderin, alterslose

by Andreas Hutter
Tue, 16.03.2010 8.00 pm

MAK Columned Main Hall

A performative installation by Andreas Hutter based on two texts by Heiner Müller

Two unique texts by Heiner Müller formed the basis for this work by stage director Andreas Hutter and actress Evelyn Fuchs: the never-before-staged, visionary manifesto Brief an Mitko Gotscheff [Letter to Mitko Gotscheff] and an intimate piece of writing entitled Traumtext [Dream Text] will now be receiving their first Viennese performances at MAK NITE. It will also be the première appearance of Andreas
Hutter’s series of pictures The Face in the Sand, which will accompany the staging specifically for this occasion.

Brief an Mitko Gotscheff (1983) and Traumtext (1995) are exemplary
representations of Müller’s life, writings and dreams. They tell of yearning and of failure, of the vision of societal solidarity and of bitter personal experiences. These texts’ present versions are based on the original typescripts by Heiner Müller as they were published by him in the program booklet Drucksache 17 during his tenure as artistic director of the Berliner Ensemble. Integrated into this printing are handwritten corrections and notes made by the author as he edited the material he had written.

Concept, staging, scenography, costume Andreas Hutter
Performer Evelyn Fuchs
€ 14 | € 11 reduced
Free Admission for children and teens under 19


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Holíč Palace, Slovakia

Holíč Palace, Slovakia

MAK on TOUR Day Trip by Bus incl. guided tour of the exhibition
Sun, 16.09.2018
Holíč Palace, Slovakia
Holíč Palace on the Morava River in western Slovakia was of particular importance for the Habsburgs and the manufacturing industry in the kingdom of Hungary, to which Holíč (German: Holitsch) belonged until 1918. Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, bought the palace from the Hungarian count Josef Czobor, whose ostentatious lifestyle had led to his ruin, and established the Holitsch faience factory around 1743, which can be interpreted as the counterpart to Maria Theresa’s imperial porcelain manufactory in Vienna.

Holíč Palace was not only converted into the ostentatious favorite palace of the imperial couple, but also housed another secret from the time when it belonged to Count Josef Czobor—and his secret is what we intend to reveal during this trip. The palace itself has sadly fallen into ruin; nevertheless, we will have the unique opportunity to view it from the inside.

8 a.m.   Meeting point: opposite Weiskirchnerstraße 3, bus parking space near the entrance to the Stadtpark, 1010 Vienna
Bus leaves for Holíč
10 a.m.   Guided tour of Holíč Palace
12 noon Lunch (not included in the price)
2 p.m.   Bus leaves for Vienna
ca. 4 p.m.   Arrival at the MAK, Weiskirchnerstraße 3, 1010 Vienna, followed by a
guided tour of the exhibition 300 YEARS OF THE VIENNA PORCELAIN MANUFACTORY

Total price
€ 50 or € 45 for MAK Annual Ticket holders

Please note:
A valid passport as well as flat, sturdy shoes and clothes that can get dirty are essential!