MAK RSShttp://relaunch.mak.atMAK NEWS RSSThu, 22 Feb 2018 00:09:53 CETRrriot Festival 2018<h5>Feminist Breakfast</h5><p>Fri, 02.03.2018, 11.00 AM<br>MAK Lounge</p>HOW WILL WE RESIST?<h5></h5><p>Tue, 06.03.2018, 7.00 PM<br>MAK Columned Main Hall</p>V&A: Embracing the Past, Preserving the Future<h5>A conversation with V&A Director Tristram Hunt </h5><p>Tue, 13.03.2018, 8.00 PM<br></p>GUSTAV PEICHL:<h5>15 Buildings for his 90th</h5><p>Tue, 20.03.2018, 7.00 PM<br>MAK Works on Paper Room</p>JOSEF HOFFMANN—OTTO WAGNER<h5>On the Use and Effect of Architecture</h5><p>Wed, 24.05.2017 - Sun, 06.05.2018<br></p>100 BEST POSTERS 16<h5>Germany Austria Switzerland</h5><p>Wed, 18.10.2017 - Sun, 25.02.2018<br>MAK Works on Paper Room</p>THOMAS BAYRLE<h5>If It’s Too Long—Make It Longer</h5><p>Wed, 25.10.2017 - Mon, 02.04.2018<br></p>