From time immemorial there have been rules associated with eating. Any self-respecting person would do well to abide by these rules. Even the layout of the table and the food that is available reflect the status of the diners.

The tableware used is subject to constant cultural change in cities. Rural regions follow suit some time afterwards. New food and drinks require newly shaped receptacles and cutlery. Luxury items gradually become objects in everyday use.

Eating and drinking receptacles like plates, glasses, tankards, jugs, and cutlery originally made by craftspeople were created by designers and produced in great quantities in craft businesses and factories from the second half of the 19th century.

The MAK owns a considerable collection of sophisticated table culture objects. Let us go on a journey through the centuries and have a look at the laid table through the ages!
Lidded tureen in the shape of a boar’s head: Holíč (SK), before 1760
What will we eat in the future?
Doing the (New) World of Good(s):
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