Bicycle Stories
Fri, 14.06.2013–Sun, 06.10.2013
An exhibition of the MAK supported by the City of Vienna on the occasion of the Viennese Year of the Bicycle and the international conference Velo-City 2013. The Sound of Cycling: Urban Cycling Cultures in Vienna.

Mobility in urban agglomerations is a hot topic. Alongside a functioning public transport network, individual mobility also plays a significant role. The cityscape of the 21st century seems to be undergoing a transformation: the tried-and-true bicycle is experiencing a recurrence as a cheap means of transportation, a way to do one’s body good, an expression of sustainable behavior, and a fashionable lifestyle product.
TOUR DU MONDE. Bicycle Stories uses iconic bikes from the 20th and 21st centuries to tell of the quality and diversity of the designs exhibited by this classic mode of transportation. Selected examples from the EMBACHERCOLLECTION® will draw visitors into a journey through the history of the bicycle, this cult object which successively transformed technology and form allow one to trace the recent history of innovation and design in general.
The collection of Viennese architect Michael Embacher includes legendary mass-produced models, one-of-a-kind custom creations, and curiosities ranging from children’s bikes to athletic and leisure bikes, cargo bikes, and folding models. These masterpieces of design, normally housed in a Viennese attic and not accessible to the public, continue to serve the architect as objects of daily use.
The stories embodied by these objects are a significant component of the exhibition. An app developed specifically for the collection facilitates chronological and technical cross-referencing between the objects and their stories. In Bicycle Diaries (London, 2009; Frankfurt am Main, 2011), the musician, all-round artist, and bicycle activist David Byrne describes the bicycle as a “machine of perception” for the city, for the country, and for people. Tales of his cycling experiences on trips to metropolises like New York, Berlin, Istanbul, and Buenos Aires accompany TOUR DU MONDE as a subtext of sorts and convey a sensual view of the collection’s items, which are organized according to their origins.

Curator Thomas Geisler, Curator, MAK-Design Collection

The exhibition TOUR DU MONDE. Bicycle Stories is accompanied by MAK/ZINE #1/2013 with contributions by Michael Embacher, Thomas Geisler et al., as well as an interview with David Byrne, German/English, app. 120 pages, MAK/Volltext, Vienna 2013. Available at the MAK Design Shop

A cooperation of MAK & departure – The Creative Agency of the City of Vienna



MAK Collection


Design Collection

Curator: Thomas Geisler
The MAK Design Collection was established in 2005 and represents a broad spectrum of design output from Austria. The design concept in question encompasses a multifaceted range of aspects, from industrial production and handcrafted manufacture to unique art objects and prototypes, from utility objects and fashion to graphic arts and media design.
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New Liberated Living?
Wed, 12.06.2013–Sun, 06.10.2013

MAK Exhibition Hall

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Freier Artikel



Aside from the public d>link events, two-day design labs (application required) that are informed by the focal themes of the "design> new strategies" cooperation will be held.
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The Holy Every Day
Published for the exhibition of the same title (26.11.2003–29.2.2004)
MAK Studies 4
128 pages, b/w and full colored illustrations
12,6 x 24 cm, paperback
MAK, Vienna 2003


Marlies Wirth, Curator MAK NITE Lab
The notion of performativity shifts the focus to the activities of producing and making as well as to those actions, exchange processes, changes, and dynamics that define actors and cultural events. What is in the center therefore is not so much objects, monuments or artworks considered as representing a culture or a cultural self-image, but rather the dynamic processes of making and using them.
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2051: Smart Life in the City

Hannes Langeder, Ferdinand GT3 RS

Thu, 11.06.2015–Sun, 04.10.2015
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Permanent Collection Baroque Rococo Classicism

Artistic intervention: Donald Judd
With a unique artistic intervention Donald Judd managed to blend the different stylistic worlds of the Baroque, Rococo, Classicism and Minimalism. Taking on a central position here is the Porcelain Chamber from the Palais Dubsky in Brno, one of the first rooms ever designed in European porcelain.
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