MAK/ZINE #1/2013

On Mobility
The fourth issue of the MAK/ZINE „In Bewegung/On Mobility“ is published on the occasion of the exhibitions NOMADIC FURNITURE 3.0. New Liberated Living? and TOUR DU MONDE. Bicycle Stories. Everything in this edition revolves around physical and mental mobility in both direct and oblique senses of the word: movement, nomadism, change, flexibility, DIY, self-determination, global communication, ubiquity and so forth.

Edited by Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, with contributions by David Byrne, Alison J. Clarke, Sean Cubitt, Peter Daniel, Michael Embacher, Martina Fineder, Thomas Geisler, Sebastian Hackenschmidt, James Hennessey, Katherine Satorius, German/English, 114 pages, MAK/Volltext, Wien 2013.


Stefan Sagmeister in dialog with Elfie Semotan

Stefan Sagmeister in dialog with Elfie Semotan

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