Open Crocheting by (young)MAK

Discourse crocheting with Irene Posch

Tue, 15.3.2022 6 pm9 pm
Fully booked
Together with (young)MAK, we invite to the open, discursive workshop series Open Crocheting! Textile crafts techniques (crocheting in the first step) are learned and applied with the aim of encountering one another. Textile discourse, technique and materiality knit, or, more precisely, crochet together. Artists, thinkers, scientists, as well as crafts technicians will be invited to provide impulses, passing on their approaches as artistic, content, and technical impulses, and as inspiration or assistance in the context of short lectures, performances, or presentations. Visitors are encouraged to join in on discussions, stories, gossip, and chats, and especially in crocheting!
Participation free of charge
No age limit
Registration required