Here you can find press material on the MAK generally, on the MAK exhibition program, and on projects and events.
Journalists enjoy free admission to the MAK and the MAK Geymüllerschlössel, provided that their visit is for professional purposes only. Please note that you will need accreditation from the press department prior to your visit.

Judith Schwarz-Jungmann (Head)
Sandra Hell-Ghignone

T +43 1 71136-213
T +43 1 71136-212
T +43 1 71136-210

Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

All press texts and press images available for download are copyright protected and may exclusively be used for reporting on current events. Printing of press images is free of charge but the specified source of the photo must always be stated.

Editorial Photos 

To apply for permission to produce photographic or film material for editorial use, please contact:
MAK Press and Public Relations
Judith Schwarz-Jungmann (Head)
T +43 1 71136-213
Sandra Hell-Ghignone
T +43 1 71136-212
Commercial Photos

To apply for permission to produce photographic or film material for commercial use, where the content is not primarily the MAK, but rather where the MAK premises are merely used as a backdrop, please contact: 
MAK Rentals
Eléonore Caseau
T +43 1 71136-320
Photos of Objects

For reproduction templates showing the MAK or objects from its collections, please contact: 
MAK Reproduction, Photos
Thomas Matyk
T +43 1 71136-294
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