The MAK is the first museum building on Vienna’s Ringstrasse and is one of the leading addresses in the world of art and culture. As a museum and laboratory at the interface of design, architecture and contemporary art, in the tension between tradition and the present, the MAK offers space for events of all kinds and makes your event an unforgettable experience.
The MAK offers much more than a magnificent museum as a backdrop for your events; the setting it provides is outstanding in many other respects, featuring spatial and technical facilities for almost every occasion. Celebrate in the traditional classical ambience of one of the Vienna Ringstraße’s most renowned stately buildings. Take advantage of the unique atmosphere of the great exhibition halls with their restrained, elegant architecture, or the furnished lecture hall with its full range of technical equipment. Aside from the lecture hall, the MAK leases its venues inclusive of infrastructure but without furnishings or technical equipment. You may make your own choice of caterers and other suppliers.

A museum certified as a Green Location, the MAK is committed to sustainability and strives to the best of its ability to make an effective contribution to combatting the overall crisis threatening our climate and ecology. To this end, the MAK also supports the realization of Green meetings and events. As a Green Location it provides the optimal conditions to be expected of a sustainable event location.
Österreichisches Umweltzeichen, Green Location
For further information on venues at the MAK as well as on specific terms of use, you are cordially invited to contact the rentals team. Should you be interested in viewing the venues, we would be delighted to answer your inquiries and show you around: 

Eléonore Caseau
T +43 1 71136-320
Our professional photographers will be happy to document your event at the MAK. For further information please contact:
Photographs, Reproductions, Photo Archive
Thomas Matyk
T +43 1 71136-294