The intermedial potential of textiles and ceramics connects  material, aesthetics, and society against the backdrop of the avantgarde. At the same time, the archaic materials are  perceived in their haptic quality. Starting with craft processes such as embroidery, knotting, weaving, and molding, the interfaces between visual and applied art also include architecture, music, and digital space. The parameters of production are reflected in ateliers, workshops, and interdisciplinary synergies. Textiles and ceramics mediate themselves as cultural carriers of communities and are inscribed in economic and political systems that lead to revolutions. In the MAK exhibition HARD/SOFT: Textiles and Ceramics in Contemporary Art questions of appropriation, feminist, and queer contexts meet with a dynamic in which different narratives are mirrored in each other. 

With Geta Brătescu, Gelatin, Ann Muller, Rosemarie Trockel, Ingrid Wiener, among others.

Bärbel Vischer, Curator, MAK Contemporary Art Collection
Antje Prisker, Special Projects 

MAK Exhibition Hall


MAK – Museum of Applied Arts