Audioseries Reflections

The Reflections audio series provides special access to select objects in the MAK Permanent Collection. Taking works of applied arts as their starting points, MAK art educators and curators imaginatively reflect upon everyday design, design principles, social orders, and much more. The essays are read by actors of the Burgtheater.
Grumpiness Amongst The Whorls
Furniture Breaking Taboos
Gender Differences In The Interior
From Good Form
I Buy, Therefor I Am
The Beautiful, The Plain An The Exalted
Voluptuous Lady With Opening
A Room of Her Own
Who Tells History?
On Princesses
On Butterflies
Who Can Affort Reduction
Flavour Enhances
When You Sent Away
Baroque - Shock
The Honesty Of A Piece Of Furniture
Theuseus Under Censorship