In 2024, the MAK Forum will be the setting for cinematic works by contemporary artists.
MAK Forum
Films by Nilbar Güreş (Soyunma / Undressing, 2006), Marko Lulić (The Moderns (Vienna), 2005), and Amie Siegel (Provenance, 2013) provide an insight into complex, interwoven stories that define our world.

Curator: Bärbel Vischer, Curator, MAK Contemporary Art Collection
Nilbar Güreş
Soyunma / Ausziehen [Undressing], 2006
Video, 6:19 Min.

In a performance, Nilbar Güreş removes the various fabrics she has wrapped around her head layer by layer. She at the same time recites the names of women with whom she has lived together. In this way she incorporates her own biography into the discourse revolving around the ambivalent theme of the veiling of women, also addressing Islamophobia and the politically instrumentalized veiling targeted at Muslim women.

Marko Lulić
The Moderns (Vienna), 2005
Video, 4:29 Min.

In his video The Moderns (Vienna), Marko Lulić creates a new  urban image of Vienna by focusing on the buildings of the post-war modernist era and excluding all historical buildings, including  architectural icons by Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos. With collage- like images, he traces a fictitious utopian urban structure,  
thus challenging our understanding of the present.

Supported by the MAK and the association Stadtimpuls

Amie Siegel
Provenance, 2013 Video, 40:30 Min.

In her ensemble work Provenance, Amie Siegel shines a light on the sociology of modernist design by means of examples drawn from Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret’s furniture designs for the Le Corbusier buildings in Chandigarh, a controversial modernist city in India. The film installation traces these furniture pieces in reverse chronology as they journey from private homes through warehouses, auctions, restorations, and a container ship before arriving back at their point of origin.

Acquired with the generous support of Phileas