MAK Works on Paper Room

The Hamza-Nama folios in the MAK had never been subject to restoration or conservation since they were purchased at the 1873 Vienna World Exhibition. This proved to be an advantage, when compared to folios from other collections, which throughout the years had been restored, often conscientiously and with the best of intentions, yet still suffering heavy-handed interventions. The appearance of the MAK folios is practically unchanged. The goal of the project was hence not a reconstruction, but pure substance preservation and conservation of the works in their current condition of age, meanwhile respecting the historic significance of the miniatures. For the first time, in-depth technological analyses were carried out in a research and conservation project in the MAK lasting ten years, which gained information about the origin, handing down, and modifications of the Hamza-Nama. Individual stages of the restoration are shown, with Beate Murr, MAK Conservation and Workshops, as director and expert in charge.

Curator Kathrin Pokorny-Nagel, Head of MAK Library and Works on Paper Collection 

Head of research Beate Murr, MAK restoration

MAK Works on Paper Room / Focus Graphic Art In the MAK Works on Paper Room, the extensive inventory of the library and Works on Paper Collection will be showcased highlighting different aspects in a series of exhibitions. The themes from recent years are evidence of the diversity of the program, which arises from the complexity of the collection: from contemporary graphic design, posters, artists' books, and architecture projects, through to ornamental prints and color wood cuts. In the "Year of Graphic Art" 2009, the various aspects of graphic design - from poster, drawing, through to printed books - will shift to the center of attention.