MAK Center Los Angeles
The sixth iteration of the MAK Center’s Garage Exchange Vienna-Los Angeles series at the Garage Top features former artist-in-residence Andreas Fogarasi working with artist Oscar Tuazon.

For Black Earth, Fogarasi will present North American International Auto Show, documenting the dismantling of the Detroit Auto Show. From a physical distance, though through a shared mentality, the work connects to the site and situation of Garage Exchange Vienna – Los Angeles through its study of exhibition methods, display architecture, and the mutually inclusive car-garage relationship of suburban Southern California. Tuazon intends to directly link the Garage Top exhibition space to the contingent domestic space of the Mackey Apartments, with the construction of a work containing apartment amenities like cabinets and other signs that demarcate a living environment from another usage – particularly those signs that do so in American suburban settings. Connecting the work are different approaches to the Garage Top as a node in a sequence of significations, both then creating an entirely new such location and smaller sequence vis-a-vis inhabiting their shared space.

About Garage Exchange
In order to expand the cultural exchange at the core of the Artists and Architects-in-Residence program, The Austrian Federal Chancellery and the MAK Center invite Austrian and Vienna-based alumni residents to collaborate with L.A. artists and architects of their choosing at the Garage Top at the Mackey Apartments.

This exhibition series is made possible by the Austrian Federal Chancellery / Arts Division

This exhibition is also supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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