The relationship of fashion and time is at the heart of the site-specific The Years exhibition of Anna-Sophie Berger (* 1989), which is tailored to the Geymüllerschlössel and provides the starting point for the (Con)temporary Fashion Showcase series. 
MAK Geymüllerschlössel
With Anna-Sophie Berger, the MAK branch showcases an artist working across different media. A concern with fashion theory has been integral to her work for years. Her engagement with the subject of fashion and time draws from Walter Benjamin’s concept of history, which is founded on his observations of contemporary fashion, as well as from Elizabeth Wilson’s examination of fashion and modernity in Adorned with Dreams (1985). In the Biedermeier ensemble, Berger stages garment pieces from the Fashion is Fast collection, with which she concluded her fashion studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, her artistic works, and pieces from the MAK Collection and the Theatermuseum, thereby probing the genre boundaries of art and design.

Lara Steinhäußer, Curator, MAK Textiles and Carpets Collection
(Con)temporary Fashion Showcase
The (CON)TEMPORARY FASHION SHOWCASE launched in 2022 at the MAK Geymüllerschlössel is entering its second season. In exhibitions, the series combines fashion design with art which deals with clothing and dressing. Thematically related discussions and event programs are organized on  selected weekends. The aim of the series is to provide a venue for experimental and performative formats, to open a season- al and regular forum for fashion enthusiasts, and at the same  time to initiate public discourse. In 2023, two exhibitions dedicated to fashion and its critical potential will take place, inviting  us to “think through fashion.” 

Admission and Opening Hours MAK Geymüllerschlössel 2023
In the 2023 season, the Geymüllerschlössel will be open from 13 May-3 December, 2023, Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am-6 pm.