MAK Center Los Angeles, Mackey Apartments Garage Top
This will be the seventh exhibition in the MAK Center's Garage Exchange Vienna - Los Angeles series, featuring new works by filmmaker James Benning and former MAK Center artists-in-residence Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch in an exhibition that considers different approaches to the construction of historical narrative.

James Benning directs his concentrated attention toward objects which are hidden from the regular visitors of a Viennese museum in his most recent film natural history. Six and Petritsch focus on the traces of human activity left behind on the moon as a signifier of obsessions that inform their work.
About the Artists
James Benning is an independent filmmaker from Milwaukee. He currently resides in Val Verde, teaching film/video at California Institute of the Arts. In the past twenty-five years, Benning has completed fourteen feature length films that have shown in many different venues across the world.

About Garage Exchange
In order to expand the cultural exchange at the core of the Artists and Architects-in-Residence program, The Austrian Federal Chancellery and the MAK Center invite Austrian and Vienna-based alumni residents to collaborate with L.A. artists and architects of their choosing at the Garage Top at the Mackey Apartments.
Exhibitions at the Mackey Garage Top:

Marko Lulic & Sam Durant 12.11.2015–5.3.2016
James Benning, and Nicole Six & Paul PetritschFictitious Tales about the History of Earth 1.5.–29.8.2015
Andreas Fogarasi Oscar Tuazón. Black Earth  7.11.2014–28.2.2015
Gerhard Treml & David Lamelas & Kaucyila Brooke. The Eden's Edge Project 18.4.2014–16.8.2014
Constanze Ruhm & Christine Lang and First Office 8.11.2013–1.3.2014
Bernhard Sommer & Neil M. Denari. Smooth Matter 19.04.2013–10.08.2013
Hans Schabus & The Center for Land Use Interpretation. Double Crossings 16.11.2012–2.3.2013
Sonia Leimer & Stephanie Taylor with Barbara Hammer. Bend a Bow 5.6.–22.9.2012

This exhibition series is made possible by the Austrian Federal Chancellery.