MAK Center Los Angeles, Mackey Apartments Garage Top
The Visitor consists of two architectural works: The Future Zone by Alfredo Barsuglia and Pavilion of the Present by Alice Könitz, both components of one largescale accessible sculpture.

The Pavilion of the Present can be entered through three revolving doors, each featuring images representative of and responsive to 2018 to date. The Future Zone is an interactive multimedia installation located inside the pavilion that frames the present by revealing the occupants’ future.

Visitors pass through the revolving doors to enter a narrow corridor, leading to a small room, which is upside down. Inside, a white table hangs from above and a ceiling lamp is installed on the “floor.” All surfaces are mirrored. Looking through two windows, one sees a moving snow-scape. The room ticks.

Under the table, there is a small box with two piles of cards, consisting of symbols, texts, and numbers. Visitors will be asked to “please – pick a card” from the bottom of the table. On each card is a future calendar date and a telephone number one should call on that particular date, in order to talk to their future. Upon exit, the “tneserp” becomes the “present.”

About Garage Exchange
In order to expand the cultural exchange at the core of the Artists and Architects-in-Residence program, The Austrian Federal Chancellery and the MAK Center invite Austrian and Vienna-based alumni residents to collaborate with L.A. artists and architects of their choosing at the Garage Top at the Mackey Apartments.

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This exhibition series is made possible by the Austrian Federal Chancellery.