MAK Center Los Angeles, Schindler House

An exhibition of works by five artists - Hanne Darboven, Caryl Davis, Amanda Guest, Gerald Giamportone, Nancy Rubins - who utilize the drawing process in the creation of works that engage sculptural form through their materials and construction. Taking the form of drawing, collage, photography and sculpture, these works emphasize the drawn mark as part of a sculptural process in which materials are transformed and space is articulated. In this exhibition the act of drawing is not for the sake of gesture or representation, rather the drawn mark maps out a territory creating a structural or material foundation from which the work is constructed.


The title Markings alludes both to the act of drawing through making a mark as well as to the form or visual residue that is the result of that act. It implies a deliberate delineation of space; a territory that has been marked and that bears the trace of a presence.

Curator LouAnne Greenwald