MAK Center Los Angeles, Schindler House
Plan your visit is an exhibition exploring the complex interactions of tourism, tourist destinations and travelers. Set at a locale that is itself an international destination for Modernism aficionados, the historic Schindler House, the exhibition invites a group of artists, architects and writers to explore systems designed to activate a person's experience of a particular locale.

Participants include artists Kathrin Burmester, Ryan Griffis, Rodrigo Marti, and Tucker Neel, architect John Southern, the collaborative team of landscape architect Sonia Brenner and community researcher Maryam Hosseinzadeh, collectives Cake and Eat It and the Untitled Collective, the editors of The Art Book Review, and restaurant critic Jonathan Gold with photographer Anne Fishbein.

The tourism-hospitality industry is one of Los Angeles County's largest employers. Millions of local residents spend their days as part of a network of curated events that accommodate temporary visits around L.A. Perpetually, the industry tries to attract more tourists and employ more people in an ever-widening range of L.A. experiences. Plan your visit operates from two such points in the tourism network--the historic house and the cultural institution--to present a study of the tourist's agency, complicities, and reactions, as a person who acts and is acted upon within the systemized production of self-discovery and local experience. Participants in the show have engaged the subject from a combination of three main positions: there are works about tourism, works that assume the viewer is tourist and then seek to complicate that viewership, and works that turn a viewer into a tourist to some other situation beyond the Schindler House.

Curators Anthony Carfello, Adam Peña