MAK Center Los Angeles
Raymond Pettibon's volumious body of work is comprised of cartoon-like drawings in which images and texts are brought together in lyrical relationships that are sometimes disparate and sometimes profoundly philosophical. Also playing the role of a philosophical interpreter / planner of the world, Jason Rhoades layers metaphors and combines objects in ways which suggest new structures for an idiosyncratic order. Manoeuvring among a broad range of media and production like Rhoades, Hans Weigand draws from the archive of everyday forms to represent the world in a humorous and provocative way. Combining their interests in the banal and the imperfect as well as the act of reinterpreting one's environment, Pettibon, Rhoades and Weigand will collaborate on a project which will center around a 34-feet boat - the platform for their interactions. Their "work in progress" will involve explorations in video, film and performance activities both public and private.