As of 11 June 2022, Susanne Bisovsky will be a guest in the Geymüllerschlössel in the context of the (Con)temporary Fashion Showcase series, where she will present selected ensembles in her special, unmistakable “Vienna Chic.” The extraordinary creations originate from her involvement with a gigantic material and immaterial fund and her playful and well-founded approach to fashion and artisanal techniques, as well as a knowledge of traditional garb. Far from the short-lived trends of international fashion and textile production, Bisovsky transfers an only ostensibly outdated image of a “Beautiful Viennese Lady” into the present. She presents her ideal cosmopolitan lady as a kind of homage to and idealized personification of her conception of Vienna, where she has lived and worked for more than three decades.  
Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am–6 pm

Lara Steinhäußer, Curator, MAK Textiles and Carpets Collection
MAK Geymüllerschlössel