MAK Forum
This exhibition is a multimedia installation specific to Vienna which deals with the present and future of freelance creative work on the tenth anniversary of Departure, the creative center of the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien. It examines creative processes that initiate, support, and illustrate socially relevant projects that take into account social, environmental, artistic, and economic considerations. This walk-in, interactive installation presents leading figures and creative practices and offers details on the background of the projects.
As part of the design>neue strategien project between the MAK and Departure, d>nite is not just the opening of an exhibition, but an experimental field for these questions. Creative work requires mental and physical space. The urban structure in particular offers numerous options in this regard, but also entails hurdles and challenges. On this evening, the interim usage specialists from Betonküche will jump into the debate with a futuristic foodie intervention: Tomorrow Is … Tonite!


of the exhibition will be offered with curators Eva Kraus and Martina Fineder as well as designers Andreas Pawlik (dform) and Julian Roedelius (r-g.io)
Wed 1.10., 5 p.m.
Fri 3.10., 4 p.m.