MAK-it! ART!FLOWERS Flowers to Wear: Head

A workshop with the artist Alma Bektas

Under the theme “Flowers to Wear,” workshop participants, under the artistic direction of Alma Bektas, design wearable flower pieces at various dates. Each of the three workshops focuses on a different body part, for which a piece is produced—from rings to necklaces to headpieces. Fresh and artificial flowers, along with various materials, are combined to create what are known as “wearables,” including accessories, jewelry, or small items of clothing.
Sun, 26.5.2024 10 am12 pm
MAK Geymüllerschlössel
The workshop takes place in the park of Geymüllerschlössel in good weather and is relocated to MAK on Stubenring in case of rain. Participants will be informed of the location three days before each respective date via email.

The workshop series MAK-it! for adults offers the opportunity to try out a variety of craft skills and innovative techniques together with designers and creators.

€ 74 for tickets purchased online in presale

€ 80 for tickets purchased on the day at the MAK ticket office
But be aware that the event may be sold out!

MAK-it! three times: 3 × MAK-it! of your choice: € 180,-
MAK-it! together: 3 × MAK-it! of your choice for 2 people: € 340,-
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with the artist and cultural anthropologist Anna Riess
A workshop with the artist Alma Bektas