Mackey Apartments
Gerry Ammann presented the living sculpture "The foundation of Little Austria" "Los Angeles is an abstract, constructed unit; powerful on the outside and on the inside, a global village. Austrians lost their identity and strength when they lost their multi-colored monarchy! This leads to the question: “Is it possible to create an abstract identity — a ‘Little Austria’ — based on American history?“

Rochus Kahr presented two proposals: "Skypool" and "Residential House Sailor" (Salzburg). In "Skypool," a helicopter hovered over the Mackey Apartments and illuminated an abstraction of a pool—a field of small reflectors. "Residential House Sailor" was based on the idea of globalization, the dissolution of relationships between physical and cultural geographies, exploring issues of architectural versus information structures.

Marko Lulic presented recent paintings, drawings, and documentary material on two projects entitled "GARAGE 98" (an exhibition he curated) and "Disco Willhelm Reich" (an architectural/sculptural installation satirizing the famous orgone box). Lulic constructed conceptual frameworks in a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, invitation cards, posters, catalogues, and curatorial work.

Constanze Ruhm presented "There Might Be a Place Where One Goes to Feel Better," a video projection and photographs based on classic movie sets. In Il Deserto Rosso by Michelangelo Antonioni, Monica Vitti was asked: “What are you afraid of?” She answered: “The streets, factories, colors, skies, people, everything.... Is there a place where one goes to feel better?”