MAK it! the thing to put things in

With artist Birke Gorm

Using her handmade sculptures, which are currently on display at the MAK Gallery, Birke Gorm gives a personal insight into her artistic work. In the workshop that follows, materials are experimented with and various textile techniques are used to develop containers or bags of various kinds.
Sun, 16.4.2023 2 pm5 pm
MAK Columned Main Hall
Registration closed
The new workshop series MAK it! for adults offers the opportunity to try out a variety of craft skills and innovative techniques together with designers and creators. In the unique atmosphere of the MAK Columned Main Hall, you can create your own works of art. 
Workshop Costs:
€ 30 (incl. admission) 
€ 24 (MAK Annual Ticket, (young)MAK, MARS)


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