Using performative scenarios, Lili Reynaud-Dewar (* 1975) comments on private and public space. She translates images of the individual and the collective into different choreographies.
MAK Direktion
Her project Rome, 1er et 2 novembre 1975, presented at the MAK Direktion, extends the queer narrative between body and space to include the political dimension. The four-part multimedia video installation refers to the events of the night of 1st and 2nd November 1975, when the poet and experimental filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered near Rome. Reynaud-Dewar restages excerpts from a film and an interview with actors from the art scene—artists, theoreticians, curators, collectors, and students such as Verena Dengler, Diedrich Diederichsen, and Marina Faust. 

Bärbel Vischer, Curator, MAK Contemporary Art Collection

Kindly supported by Layr, Vienna