MAK Design Space
With reference to the MAK’s unique collection of textiles the MAK FASHION Lab explores experimentally the reciprocal relationships between fashion and new technologies and opens up a new platform for intelligent fashion as a subdomain of applied arts in the fields of design, science, and research. This series begins with a site-specific installation by BLESS (Desiree Heiss, Paris/Ines Kaag, Berlin), with technical support of Popkalab (Rotterdam/Rio de Janeiro). The MAK DESIGN SPACE transforms into an interactive sonic landscape, a statement on “sonic fabric” that appeals directly to the senses.

BLESS N°45 Soundperfume takes on the following question: “How do you want to sound?” With special body and space accessories from the BLESS collection visitors can compose their own sonic perfume. The “composing scarf” allows its wearer to sample sound fragments by manipulating its various closures and special shoes can be used for sound recording and play-back. Garments that function as instruments make the individual character of their wearers stand out even more. And a hammock, repurposed to become the ultimate musical and performance tool, will emit sounds in response to the manipulation of its large pillows, thereby expanding the sonic experience by a spatial dimension.

Guest Curator Sabine Seymour
Curator Thomas Geisler, Curator, MAK Design Collection
Scientific Advisor Barbara Karl, Curator, MAK Textiles and Carpets Collection


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BLESS Melodized Pillow Hammock >>
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