Start of the season in the MAK Geymüllerschlössel

and opening of the exhibition (Con)temporary Fashion Showcase: Anna-Sophie Berger. The Years

Exhibition Opening, Fashion Talk, Performance, Dialog Tour, ... a varied program awaits you on the opening weekend at the MAK Geymüllerschlössel and garden, which invites you to stay longer. You are welcome to bring your picnic basket!
Sat, 13.5.2023 10 am — Sun, 14.5.2023 6 pm
MAK Geymüllerschlössel


Due to the bad weather forecast for the weekend, the following program items will unfortunately NOT take place. We will try to find alternative dates.

Sat: Open Clothing Exchange by (young)MAK with Judith Bradl
Sat: MAK4Mama: Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift
Sat: Espresso and drinks in the garden
Sun: Mother’s Day Workshop MAK it! with Mama BLOOM with artist Markus Jagersberger

Program of the opening weekend at a glance

Sat, 13 May 2023

3.30 pm 
Talk Fashion and Time 
The starting point for the talk is the The Years exhibition of Anna-Sophie Berger, who deals explicitly with the subject of fashion and time. According to Walter Benjamin, whose theories served the artist as a reference point for her exhibition, fashion is characterized not only by its relationship with the zeitgeist and thus with the now, but primarily also by its connection with the past. In the talk with the artist Anna-Sophie Berger, the author of Benjamin on Fashion, Philipp Ekardt (employee of the NOMIS research project Traveling Forms, University of Constance), and Stefanie Kitzberger (Senior Scientist at Collection and Archive, Director of Collection Fashion and Textiles, University of Applied Arts Vienna), we look at the boundaries of fashion and art, discuss the moment at which fashion becomes unmodern, and question its revolutionary potential.
5 pm
Performance Don't Smoke
in the garden of the Geymüllerschlössel
“Die Welt steht auf kein’ Fall mehr lang” (The world will certainly not last much longer), one of the most well-known couplets of the Alt-Wiener Volkstheater (old-Viennese popular theater) could already attest as a comment on the situation of the time in 1833. On the occasion of the opening of the The Years exhibition of Anna-Sophie Berger in the Biedermeier ensemble, the Geymüllerschlössel, in which, in addition to the overarching theme of Fashion and Time, stones also play a central (/not unimportant) role, a contemporary interpretation of the well-known Kometenlied [Comet Song] from Johann Nestroy’s Lumpacivagabundus will be performed.
Idea: Anna-Sophie Berger
Vocals: Elisabeth Schwarz
Scenic assistant: Philipp Lossau

Sun, 14.5.2023

2 pm
Dialog Tour through the exhibition with Anna-Sophie Berger and Curator Lara Steinhäußer
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Opening hours and admission  on the opening weekend 

Sat, 13.5. 
Geymüllerschlössel open until 8 pm
Park open until 9 pm 
Admission: € 7
Free admission after 5 pm
Sun, 14.5. 
Geymüllerschlössel and park: 10 am-6 pm
Admission: € 7
Pötzleinsdorferstrasse 102, 1180 Vienna



The relationship of fashion and time is at the heart of the site-specific The Years exhibition of Anna-Sophie Berger (* 1989), which is tailored to the Geymüllerschlössel and provides the starting point for the (Con)temporary Fashion Showcase series. With Anna-Sophie Berger, the MAK branch showcases an artist working across different media. A concern with fashion theory has been integral to her work for years. Her engagement with the subject of fashion and time draws from Walter Benjamin’s concept of history, which is founded on his observations of contemporary fashion, as well as from Elizabeth Wilson’s examination of fashion and modernity in Adorned with Dreams (1985). In the Biedermeier ensemble, Berger stages garment pieces from the Fashion is Fast collection, with which she concluded her fashion studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, her artistic works, and pieces from the MAK Collection and the Theatermuseum, thereby probing the genre boundaries of art and design.

Curator: Lara Steinhäußer, Curator, MAK Textiles and Carpets Collection